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Tax Filing Help is a resource website dedicated to providing information and explanations to help taxpayers file their tax returns. Tax laws are complicated and even though there are a lot of tax deductions and tax credits that qualified taxpayers can claim, a large percentage of qualified taxpayers are not aware of these tax deductions or tax credits. While some taxpayers can happily file their own tax returns, many taxpayers struggle every tax year to understand what they can do and not do on their tax returns. The federal taxing agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), provides a lot of information, help and even tax classes in an attempt to educate taxpayers so that they will file their tax returns properly, however, their outreach efforts have not reached a large portion of US taxpayers.

This Tax Filing Help website aims to provide resources and information to help taxpayers understand how to file their tax returns, how to make proper claims for tax deductions, tax credits and tax exemptions, and general tax help assistance. Bear in mind that each taxpayer's situation is different and a taxpayer should use the information provided on this Tax Filing Help website and apply to their own situation. Tax Filing Help website is a resource website only and we do not offer tax advice for individuals or businesses. If a taxpayer has specific tax problems or questions, please contact the IRS or tax attorney.

While taxpayers with complicated tax returns may need more than just information and educational materials provided by this website, knowing how to file their taxes properly, what to deduct, how to qualify for tax deductions, exemptions and credits will help all taxpayers file their taxes accurately and comply with federal tax laws set by the IRS as well as state tax laws per individual states taxpayers reside.

Tax Filing Help website is continually updated for more information and resources to help you file your taxes or understand all about tax deductions, tax credits and tax exemptions as well as other areas necessary when filing taxes. Even if you use tax software such as TurboTax or TaxCut, information on this Tax Filing Help website is invaluable. Taxpayers can use the information and help found on this website to understand why certain deductions and credits are not given or given when using those tax software. For taxpayers who qualify for free e-file and free tax preparation services or who seek tax filing services of tax preparers or CPAs, information on this website will help them discuss certain items on their tax returns with the tax professionals who are helping them. All information provided on this Tax Filing Help website is free and for educational purposes only.

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