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  • The tax laws' definition of a dependent is very important when figuring out what tax filing status a taxpayer can file as and when claiming tax exemptions for a dependent.

  • If the taxpayer has a child and wanting to claim the earned income credit or EIC with a child, then the taxpayer has to meet the following additional tests for EIC with a child. The same goes for taxpayers without a child wanting to claim the earned income credit.

  • Certain taxpayers can claim the EIC without a child. Some taxpayers think that to claim the earned income tax credit, they need to have a qualifying child.

  • When a taxpayer is married, there are two tax filing status he or she could choose. The first tax filing status for a married person is married filing jointly and the second if married filing separately.

  • If you have low income, then there are many free tax filing online which you can access through the IRS' Free File program on their website (below).

  • Below are free tax filing programs online. Anyone can use most of these free tax programs and print out the 1040 tax forms as well as other attached Schedules and forms.

  • In preparing and filing taxes, different definitions of income can be confusing for taxpayers. Below are explanations and definitions of different types of income.

  • When filing your tax return, you will need the following income documents. If you are using a tax preparation software, you will need the following income tax documents to complete your tax return online.

  • To claim the EIC or earned income credit the taxpayer and his or her spouse if married filing jointly must not make more than a certain income limit set by the IRS for earned income credit qualification.