Tax Filing Help

IRS Free Tax Help

Unlike popular belief, the IRS actually wants to educate taxpayers so that they can file their tax returns properly, claiming only the tax deductions, tax credits and tax exemptions that they can claim. Each year, the IRS spent much resources on income tax returns with errors that could be avoided. Also, while there are taxpayers who are trying to cheat the taxing system, there are even more honest taxpayers who are trying to do everything right but because of their lack of knowledge end up doing something wrong on their tax returns. Below are free tax help resources and assistance offered by the IRS.

IRS tax help is free by computer, fax or phone as well as in person. Yes, you can walk into your local IRS office and get some tax help. However, IRS free tax help resources and manpower are limited and if you want to get any tax help support from the IRS, you may be waiting in line or on hold for quite a while depending on how busy the IRS is at that time. For qualified taxpayers such as very low income taxpayers, the IRS also offers free tax preparation and filing services.

The IRS website

The IRS website offers a wide range of tax help information. The IRS website is the ultimate tax information website. However, many tax documents are complicated to read and many taxpayers don't understand what they are reading and how to qualify even after they read the IRS' rules. You can also print out tax forms as well as instructions from the IRS website as well as find out if you qualify for certain tax credits, tax deductions or tax exemptions. The IRS website is <>.

IRS telephone tax support

The IRS provides a number with pre-recorded tax messages for taxpayers to call. The recorded message tax line is 1-800-829-4477. Many tax topics are covered in this recorded message. Taxpayers can also check the status of his or her tax refund by calling this number.

If you have general tax questions, not specific questions about how to file taxes, you can contact your local libraries, local post offices as well as any community establishments that offer tax help for individuals.

Taxpayer Assistance Centers

The IRS has Taxpayer Assistance Centers that will help taxpayers with any tax issues or issues concerning the IRS on a personal and face to face level. Each Taxpayer Assistance Center has an IRS representative who will assist taxpayers in resolving any tax issues they may have as well as answer any questions about complicated tax issues. You can also discuss with the IRS representative in each Taxpayer Assistance Center about adjustments to tax accounts, payment plans as well as any IRS decisions and notices you have received.

Tax return preparation assistance

For low income taxpayers, there are free tax preparation programs available through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or VITA and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program. Within each of these tax help programs, there are volunteers to help taxpayers prepare tax returns. Call 1-800-829-1040 to find the VITA or TCE site nearest you. Taxpayers may also call AARP — the largest TCE participant — at 1-888-227-7669 to find the closest Tax Aide site. United Way also has a tax help line where taxpayers can call and find out where the nearest free tax preparation location is to them.