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  • Tax Filing Help is a resource website dedicated to providing information and explanations to help taxpayers file their tax returns.
  • Almost everyone needs to file tax returns. However, tax laws are among the most complicated laws that most people don't understand how to do correctly.
  • Unlike popular belief, the IRS actually wants to educate taxpayers so that they can file their tax returns properly, claiming only the tax deductions, tax credits and tax exemptions that they can claim.
  • Many taxpayers have too much money withheld during the tax year and when it is time to file their tax returns, the IRS owes them money.
  • There are many tax forms to use for each tax filing purposes. For most people, the main federal income tax form is the 1040 or 1040A or 1040-EZ for very easy tax filing situations.
  • When a taxpayer needs the tax refund money fast, he or she can apply for a tax Refund Anticipation Loan. Tax Refund Anticipation Loan is also referred to as RAL or rapid refund.
  • Tax Refund Anticipation Loans or RAL are bank products just like any other short term loans that banks offer.
  • RAL Advance Loan or the Tax Refund Anticipation Advance Loan is a new bank product that allows the taxpayer to get access to some money faster than the classic regular RAL could.
  • If a taxpayer wants to file his or her tax return without paying for the tax preparation fee, then he or she can apply for a tax refund transfer or RT which is a bank product.
  • There are many types of income as classified by the IRS and tax laws. There are earned income such as wages, unearned income, taxable income and nontaxable income as well as other subcategories of income.
  • If you have low income, then there are many free tax filing online which you can access through the IRS' Free File program on their website (below).
  • Below are free tax filing programs online. Anyone can use most of these free tax programs and print out the 1040 tax forms as well as other attached Schedules and forms.