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Tax Filing Status for Widows

There are different tax filing status for widows and widowers. First of all widows or widowers can continue to file their tax returns using married filing jointly tax filing status if their spouses died during the current tax year. However, widows or widowers whose spouse died more than 2 years ago cannot file as married filing jointly taxpayers but need to file as either:

  • qualifying widows or widowers with dependent child, or
  • head of household taxpayers, or
  • single taxpayers

Consider the following questions.

Tax Filing Status of Widows Did your spouse die this tax year? YES

Married but not filing with spouse


Paid over half of cost of keeping up the home all year?  Filing with spouse?YES Main home for qualifying person?

Married but not filing with spouse              Side arrow              Married but not filing with spouse

 NO                  NO                                                   YES

        Single tax filing status                       Head of household