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Tax Return Forms

There are many tax forms to use for each tax filing purposes. For most people, the main federal income tax form is the 1040 or 1040A or 1040-EZ for very easy tax filing situations. Each taxpayer must fill out a tax return form as well as any appropriate additional tax forms required. With tax being a very scary subject for most people, few people know about all the relevant tax return forms they need to file their income tax return properly.

To file tax returns by hand and include all the forms needed would require quite extensive knowledge in tax laws which most people don't have. This is why most people either use simply and user friendly tax software such as Turbo Tax or Tax Cut to prepare their tax returns. These tax preparation software will ask the taxpayer questions and then input the information in appropriate tax return forms. Most of the time taxpayers are not even aware that certain tax return forms need to be filed with the IRS.

Many taxpayers prefer to have professional tax preparers, CPAs or accountants prepare their tax returns for them. With the help of tax professionals, taxpayers don't have to worry about what tax return forms to use and file with the IRS. Tax preparers will also help taxpayers with state tax filings if requested.

Where to get tax return forms?

How to get free tax return forms by phone

Every year new tax return forms are available at the beginning of the year for the previous tax year. To order your tax return forms for the current tax year as well as previous tax years as well as any IRS publications or instructions, you may call:

1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-2676)

If the taxpayer has any tax related questions and he or she is a TTY/TDD user, he or she may call the number 1-800-829-4059 for answers to specific tax questions as well as order any tax return forms or IRS publications.

How to get free tax return forms online

You can also visit the IRS website and print out any tax return forms you need for your tax filing. However, if you don't know which tax return forms to use, you can either call the number above, use a good tax software, seek assistance of a tax preparer or a CPA or read the IRS instructions, tax manual, and publications to figure out yourself which tax return forms you need.

Walk in to get free tax return forms

Any taxpayers can get free tax returns forms at IRS offices. Free tax return forms are also often available in public libraries, post offices and community places where tax help services are available.