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Where is my Tax Refund?

Many taxpayers have too much money withheld during the tax year and when it is time to file their tax returns, the IRS owes them money. Most people with easy tax returns such as only one or two W-2 forms with no investment income, no dividends, and no other complications, will have tax refunds coming to them when the file their tax returns. For low income taxpayers with many dependents living paycheck to paycheck, tax refunds from the IRS contribute much to them being able to pay their bills. So, one question that many taxpayers ask when they IRS owes them tax refunds is 'where is my tax refund?'

How long does it take to get my tax refund?

Depending on how you file your tax return, it can take 1 hour to get your tax refund as a form of advanced loan from a bank, not the IRS. This is sometimes called rapid refund. Getting a bank loan for your tax refund is becoming more popular nowadays. A taxpayer can get a bank loan within 1 hours or 24-48 hours depending on the type of bank loan it is when he or she files his or her tax returns.

However to get your tax refund faster than the amount of time the IRS takes to refund your taxes withheld either electronically or by mail, it costs the taxpayer some bank fees which can be anything from less than $100 to $2000 depending on the bank and tax refund loan programs they offer. Therefore, many taxpayers, not wanting to pay the extra fee, opt to wait for the IRS to cut tax refund checks or send the refunds electronically. For these taxpayers, it is important to know where their tax refunds are.

How to find out where my tax refund is?

Where is my Tax Refund

To find out where a taxpayer's federal tax refund is, the taxpayer can go to the IRS website and click on the link on the left hand column that says 'Where's My Refund?' On the Where is My Refund page, the taxpayer can enter the:

  • social security number
  • filing status
  • specific amount of the tax refund shown on one of their previous tax returns

The IRS uses the information above to locate the information of the taxpayer of their system. From there, the taxpayer can see the status of his or her federal tax refund as well as answers to any tax refund related questions they may have. Alternatively, taxpayers can call the number 1-800-829-4477 to check the status of their tax refunds.